NEW Hunting Call with LANYARD

Applications include calls for hunting and photography. Our calls are precision engineered and are proven quality and reliability. Create sounds that will attract predators such as coyote, bobcat, fox, bear, and mountain lion. attract non-predator game such as elk, deer, squirrel, raccoon, javelina and wild pig. Other applications include sounds that are used to locate or call duck, wild turkey, speckled-belly geese, Canada goose, and quail. This wood duck call reproduces the ringing sound that the wood duck makes when sitting or flying above our many great swamps and wetlands. The woods acoustics, pitch and sound quality are like a fine instrument. This is a easy call to use, and it is one that you can quickly gain confidence in. The sound range is from Low Raspy Hen Quacks to the Ringing High Ball Long call. It will cover the entire sound range to simulate the life like voice of the duck. This call is loud when you want it to be, otherwise you can tone it down for the close action.

This duck call was completely custom made by my hands. This results in a unique call; there are no two exactly alike. I use a special wax finish because I feel it allows the natural beauty of the wood to show through while at the same time providing a high luster. Each piece of the duck call are hand machined turned, hand sanded, and hand fitted one piece at a time. I hand turn all my wood calls on a wood lathe hand, one at a time, which makes each call different and a one of a kind. I then hand sand and finish most of my calls, with several coats of my special oil so it will hold up to the winter time elements. This is no mass market duck call. Only a few are made each year. I use a echo style insert in my wood duck calls and hand tune each one so you get a quality hand made call and not a mass produced one. This call has an insert that is loud, very raspy, and makes a great feed chatter. This is a QUALITY CUSTOM call at a very reasonable price. The insert has a single metal reed with low raspy tones. Just like that cagey old hen all the drakes are all after. This call takes very little air to blow. It has a ringing hail call, and a smooth feed & chuckle, and a persuasive timber quack. This call is hand tuned with the hunter in mind, with a wide range of tones, and a true "DUCKY SOUND". This call has self-tuning guts and is one of the easiest blowing duck calls on the market. If you are looking for a call that looks great and is easy to blow this is one is for you. Own one of a kind Duck call - now make some Duck hunting history of your own.

Made By American Craftsman. Mint condition.

This wood is a difficult wood to photograph but has a unique colored grain and a very unique shine. This would make a great gift for anyone this year. If you do not see a call that you are interested in, please contact us because we probably have it or can make it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking. Satisfaction guaranteed. It is important to note that the guarantee on the listing is not just a sales gimmick. I take pride in my calls, and I want everyone who buys one to be happy with it. To that end, if you have a problem with a call you purchased from me (be it with the sound or the fit and finish) please let me know. I will make it right and fix the call, or return your money.
Goose Call Reed G2 $9.95 a Set


Love to duck hunt? Well, we do to. This call should be in every hunters blind back.

Not available in any stores but only direct from this offer.